Abu Qurayshi: The IS leader dubbed ‘the Canary Caliph’ for snitching on jihadists

Islamic State head Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi inherited a shadow of the crowd that at its height dominated over a third of Iraq and Syria. 

The 45-year-old veteran Iraqi jihadist – who who blew himself and his family up throughout a major US operation to seize him – had little of the title popularity of predecessor Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and can perhaps be best remembered for the nickname “canary caliph” for allegedly snitching on his colleagues at the same time as detained by way of American forces.

While Qurayshi took over IS after the dying of Baghdadi in 2019, the jihadists not managed vital territory. 

The world’s most feared terror crew reverted to rebel tactics, finishing up a assassinations, kidnappings and extortions in eastern Syrian and northwest Iraq to boost finances to continue its activities. 

Qurayshi spent his time because the IS chief in hiding, and in contrast to his predecessor he never issued statements or made video or public appearances.

Even As IS gave his nom de guerre as Qurayshi – signifying descendence from the prophet Muhammad – he was once born Amir Muhammad Sa’identification Abdal-Rahman al-Mawla in 1976

However scarcely a week prior to his demise, he oversaw one the gang’s biggest raids for the reason that he took fee. Ultimate month, IS fighters performed an audacious assault on a Syrian jail preserving hundreds of the crowd’s supporters and a nighttime raid on an Iraqi military base that killed 11 soldiers.

The prison raid lasted for 10 days and resulted in the loss of life of 77 prison workforce, four civilians, and 374 prisoners and IS opponents. The operation used to be a propaganda coup for the jihadists. 

On-Line, pro-IS money owed sprung up across social media channels in numbers not noticed in years, sharing videos in enhance of the crowd.

Islamic student

While IS gave his nom de guerre as Qurayshi – signifying descendence from the prophet Muhammad – he used to be born Amir Muhammad Sa’id Abdal-Rahman al-Mawla in 1976 to an Iraqi Turkmen circle of relatives in Nineveh province. 

The youngest son of a muezzin whose other halves gave him seven sons and nine daughters, Qurayshi studied Sharia law at the School of Mosul prior to serving as an army officer within the Baath regime beneath Saddam Hussein. 

Following the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Qurayshi joined Al-Qaeda, serving as an Islamic scholar and issuing spiritual rulings for the crowd. 

He was once first detained via the Americans in 2004 and held at Camp Bucca prison where he met the long run IS chief Baghdadi. 

While he used to be launched is not clear, however in line with declassified documents he used to be detained again in 2008 whilst he was a pacesetter of Islamic State of Iraq, an Al Qaeda successor that at last became IS.

US officials later claimed that he served as a willing informant even as he was once detained.  “He did a bunch of items to save his personal neck,” one US official stated.

Syrians gather on February 3, 2022 at the scene following an overnight raid by US special operations forces against suspected jihadists in northwestern Syria which left at least nine people dead, including three civilians Syrians collect on February THREE, 2022 on the scene following an overnight raid by way of US different operations forces against suspected jihadists in northwestern Syria which left at least 9 people lifeless, together with three civilians Credit: Aaref Watad/AFP

In 56 “tactical interrogation reviews” that were later declassified, Qurashi is described as a model prisoner who went out of his strategy to cooperate along with his American interrogators.  

This incorporated giving up the names of SIXTY EIGHT of his jihadist comrades as well as details in their appearances, describing one with “chubby cheeks,” every other who “waddles while he walks” and a third with a “pot stomach”.

His intelligence used to be so specific – together with offering hand-drawn maps of jihadist hideouts – that it reportedly led to a US counter-terror raid that killed the crowd’s number two chief. 

Though the us presented a bounty of $10 million for Qurayshi, his loss of life may have little affect on the gang’s insurgent actions and little of the resonance that accompanied the demise of Baghdadi, who become a household title for his workforce’s acts of terror. 

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