Bartiromo disagrees with Dershowitz on Biden being moderate

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo lost her cool after attorney Alan Dershowitz praised the “great things” accomplished by President Joe Biden.

“He’s done great things in Ukraine,” Dershowitz told Bartiromo in a Sunday interview. “I think he has done good things on domestic policy, gotten some very good things passed.”

“He is the candidate who restores normality and if Trump is going to run, I think that even a low-ranking candidate with essentially moderate views, he won’t win,” the attorney continued. “But Trump will lose. So nobody is going to win this next election if it’s Trump vs. Biden. It will be who has the most negatives and who loses the election.”

Bartiromo reminded Dershowitz that he “supported Trump” by defending him during impeachment.

“You said Joe Biden was moderate!” the Fox News host exclaimed. “You said he has moderate policy. You said he has passed some good things. You said he did a good job in Ukraine. I don’t know what you’re talking about! This is not a moderate president. OK?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about in terms of Joe Biden being moderate, Alan,” she complained.

“Compared to who?” Dershowitz replied. “I mean, compared to President Trump, who I did not vote for. I defended him against an unconstitutional impeachment but I didn’t vote for him. But compared to President Trump, the current president, Biden, is a moderate. So is his attorney general, a moderate.”

“No, he’s not a moderate!” Bartiromo shouted back. “He’s not a moderate! It’s just not true! And I know that’s the B.S. line that Democrats have been trying to sell us since day one during the campaign. But his actions and his policies are indicative that he’s not a moderate!”

She added: “Not only is he not a moderate but his son has been selling influence. Hunter Biden and the investigation is continuing there.”

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