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By No Means thoughts Mystery Santa or where the television handheld remote control has been hidden, the real mysteries this Christmas had been set  by way of GCHQ.

The Cheltenham-based totally cyber secret agent company has appealed to Britain’s adolescents to “uncover their internal intelligence officer” through deciphering a suite of fiendish puzzles contained of their Christmas card.  

The quiz, aimed toward kids with an passion in science, generation, engineering and maths (STEM), has seven puzzles, increasing in problem.

Quite worryingly, GCHQ has encouraged Britain’s adults to “check their talents in addition and notice in the event that they are as artful as an ELEVEN-12 months-antique”.  

The company hopes secondary faculties and colleges up and down the country will take part of their Christmas challenge.

They wish more teenagers will take an interest in STEM topics and think about long term careers within the intelligence products and services.

Director GCHQ, Sir Jeremy Fleming, stated: “From Enigma to artificial intelligence, GCHQ’s historical past is full of gifted people tackling the rustic’s most complicated challenges. If we’re to assist keep the country safe, drawback-fixing skills and teamwork are absolutely an important.    

“That’s why this year’s Christmas puzzles are aimed at youth.    

“i need to turn teens that pondering differently is a present. it’s only with the right mix of minds that they can solve apparently unattainable problems, similar to we do at GCHQ.” 

The card with all its puzzles, which you can attempt to solve below the cardboard with all its puzzles, that you can attempt to resolve beneath

The GCHQ Christmas card is traditionally sent to other spy businesses and companions around the international.

This 12 months the cardboard sets a no longer-so-mystery venture for youngsters thru a set of puzzles which build up in difficulty, every geared toward a specific age team.

To give a boost to greater absorb of STEM subjects, particularly among younger ladies, GCHQ has partnered with the business enterprise Stemettes on a number of activities over contemporary years.  

Helping this yr’s Christmas card challenge, CEO of Stemettes Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, said: “Regardless Of your age, STEM skills, crucial thinking, and downside-solving are necessary talents to have.

In my paintings around the Stemettes with partners like GCHQ, we want a wide variety of individuals to have the chance to discover those talents, and for those that enjoy this kind of problem to get a possibility to further themselves in those spaces.  

“GCHQ’s Christmas Problem is a a laugh festive strategy to do that, and that i’d encourage colleges and those who paintings with youngsters to discover this kind of process as every other technique to engage the following era in a few light-hearted STEM a laugh.”

can you crack the thriller? 

Clear Up the puzzles, which increase in issue. Hyperlink each and every solution to the sparkling node on the tree (underneath) that best possible fits the query or answer. Once entire, uncover the hidden message, studying from best to bottom. 

The Christmas card The GCHQ Christmas card the principles of the sport

ELEVEN-12 years 

Clue right here: studying initials spells this message’s solution. Easy! 

12-THIRTEEN years 

Input your four letter solutions within the grid. 1. that is the phrase you want 2. Noise made by means of owl THREE. US state with capital Des Moines FOUR. Adult male deer 

GCHQ Christmas puzzle – 01

THIRTEEN-14 years 

What completes the sequence: GRYFFINDOR, UFFLEPUF, VENCL, ??? 

14-15 years 

throughout the grid are a bunch of hidden mines. The numbers indicate how many mines are within the squares adjacent to each quantity. Find the mines to expose a 4 letter phrase. 

GCHQ Christmas puzzle – 02

15-16 years 

Do Kindly Position Cover On Recent Inexperienced Spring Greens is a mnemonic supposed to assist you take into account that a list of clinical phrases. Which phrase does Kindly let you understand that? 

SIXTEEN-17 years 

What six letter phrase does the ? constitute in this Venn diagram? 

GCHQ Christmas puzzle – 03

17-18 years 

Clear Up the code: answer the query; encode the solution: Cwog og cwi 7cwahigcoet: xiexui kent kicziit toticiit lencj gov stf toticiït govcj lehn sni yeppetuj dtezt sg kskj zwsc? 

Did you get the best solution? find out under  

GCHQ Christmas card: The Solutions

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