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Beautiful Touchscreen Air Fryer


If you want to start cooking healthier foods, it’s hard to go wrong with an air fryer. Yes, the relatively new kitchen gadget cooks snacks and fried food with less oil in just minutes. But it also does wonders with vegetables (broccoli that even a picky kid will love) and chicken thighs (think unforgettably crispy skin with minimal prep.) Some models can even double as dehydrators. Most of them are a dream to clean. And some even have enough beauty and style to earn a permanent place on your kitchen counter.

But which should you choose? Ahead, we break down the best air fryers in 2023.

Top products in this article

Cosori air fryer oven combo (5.8 quart), $80 after coupon (regularly $99)

Instant Vortex Plus, $132 (reduced from $160)

Instant Pot Pro Crisp 11-in-1 (8 quart), $200 (regularly $270)

Air fryers are the secret to cooking healthier crispy chicken tenders and chicken wings (even from frozen), crisp french fries and potato skins, juicy meatballs, brussels sprouts and more. Because of the way air fryers work to recirculate air, you can make these foods with less oil than traditional methods of preparation. And best of all, they’re affordable.

What is an air fryer?


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Similar to a countertop convection oven, an air fryer is a portable cooking device with a variety of functions. However, unlike a convection oven, an air fryer offers an alternative approach to deep frying. Instead of engulfing refrigerated or frozen food in a pool of fat like a deep fryer does, it circulates hot air to achieve a similar result, using only the oils on the food’s surface.

How does an air fryer work?

Most air fryers feature a fan and heating mechanism, which is responsible for circulating hot air and cooking food. While every model varies, most of them feature adjustable timers and temperatures with suggestions for popular foods. Many air fryers require preheating prior to cooking. 

Food is generally placed in some sort of basket at the bottom of the appliance, usually resembling a fryer basket. The hot air begins circulating and heating the existing (or added) oils on food, resulting in a crisping effect. Depending on the air fryer recipe, you might need to flip food some time during the cooking process. 

Are air fryers safe?

While most air fryers are safe, popular air fryer brand Cosori recently recalled more than 2 million units after receiving 205 reports of catching fire, burning, melting, overheating and smoking. Rest assured that none of the recalled models are on our list of the best air fryers below.

What to look for when shopping for the best air fryer for you 

Over the course of the decade, the air fryer market has rapidly expanded, with nearly every major appliance brand (including Ninja, Instant Pot, Cuisinart, Cosori, NuWave, Chefman and Philips) offering their own version. So how can you find the best air fryer for you? Many consumers opt for hybrid air fryers, which combine various cooking functions into one gadget, saving counter space and the need for multiple machines. Air fryer toaster ovens, air fryer pressure cookers, air fryer microwave ovens, air fryer countertop ovens and even full-size ovens that double as air fryers are some of the most popular options. Read on to learn what features the best air fryers in 2023 have to offer.

Shop options from some of the best air fryer brands below. All of these air fryers are on sale currently.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore touchscreen air fryer: $69



This touchscreen air fryer from Drew Barrymore’s Beautiful home line is on sale now. This 6-quart air fryer lets you air fry, roast, reheat and dehydrate food with little-to-no oil needed. The removable crisping tray and pan are also dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

You’ll want to hop on this deal quickly, as some of the color options have already sold out.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore touchscreen air fryer, $69 (reduced from $89)

Dash Tasti-Crisp mini air fryer: $43



If you want the convenience of air frying but don’t have the counter space for another kitchen appliance, check out the Dash compact air fryer. It’s rated 4.6 stars at Wayfair.

This compact air fryer is the perfect size for a one- or two-person household at 2.6 quarts.

Dash Tasti-Crisp mini air fryer, $43 (reduced from $50)

Cosori air fryer oven combo (5.8 quart): $80

COSORI Air Fryer 5 QT


The bestselling 5.8-quart Cosori air fryer features 13 different cooking functions that prepare your food at the best temperature and time. The non-stick air fryer basket is removable and dishwasher safe. This top-rated air fryer comes in several colors.

“I like the fact that, in addition to the nine pre-set temperatures and times for various foods and tasks, you can also manually adjust times and select a temperature right up to 230℃, which is close to the ‘Max Crisp’ temperature setting offered by one of the leading models in the market,” enthused one Amazon customer who purchased the Cosori air fryer. 

Cosori air fryer oven combo (5.8 quart), $80 after coupon (regularly $99)

Instant Vortex Plus: $132


Instant Pot via Amazon

Unlike many air fryers, the Instant Vortex Plus has an easy view window. Instead of opening the air fryer every 10 minutes to see if your food is crisping, watch it get that delicious crunch while it’s air frying without letting all the heat out of your device. 

The Instant Vortex Plus can also roast, broil, bake, reheat and dehydrate food. 

Instant Vortex Plus, $132 (reduced from $160)

Instant Pot Duo Crisp 11-in-1 with air fryer lid (8 quart): $152

Instant Pot Duo Crisp

Instant Pot via Amazon

The Duo Crisp is the Instant Pot Duo, but with the ability to air fry. It comes with a multi-level air-fryer basket. 

If you’re keeping count, the 11-in-1 Instant Pot Duo Crisp can do all of these things: air fry, pressure cook, slow cook, bake, broil, roast, steam, sauté, proof, sous-vide cook and warm food.

Instant Pot Duo Crisp 11-in-1 with air fryer lid (8 quart), $152 (reduced from $200)

Instant Pot Pro Crisp 11-in-1 (8 quart): $200

Instant Pot Pro Crisp

Instant Pot via Amazon

The Instant Pot Pro Crisp comes with an air-fryer attachment. The 8-quart model can accommodate a whole chicken. Its air frying temperature goes up to 400 degrees. You can use this Instant Pot to reheat french fries, experiment with a healthier version of fried chicken, make chicken wings, crisp brussels sprouts and so much more.

Instant Pot Pro Crisp 11-in-1 (8 quart), $200 (regularly $270)

NuWave Brio air fryer: $85



The NuWave Brio comes in 6- and 15-quart sizes. It air fries, broils, roasts, grills, bakes, reheats and dehydrates. The device features an easy interface, with a menu of 100 preprogrammed recipes.

NuWave Brio air fryer, $85 (reduced from $115)

Emeril Lagasse power air fryer: $163


Emeril Lagasse/Amazon

Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse’s countertop convection oven offers many of the same functions as other countertop air fryers but manages to “kick it up a notch,” in his signature fashion, by adding a rotisserie to the mix. It offers 12 functions on its LCD digital display — air fry, bake, rotisserie, dehydrate, toast, reheat, roast, broil, bagel, pizza, slow cook and warm/reheat — and comes with a crisper tray, rotisserie spit, pizza rack, baking pan, drip tray and cookbook filled with Lagasse’s recipes. 

Emeril Lagasse power air fryer, $163 (reduced from $250)

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