Blow for Nicola Sturgeon as poll shows most Scots oppose independence

Emmanuel Macron brushed aside Boris Johnson as “not severe” after the Prime Minister sent a letter, publicly relayed on-line, to the French president wherein he referred to as on him to take back Channel migrants.

Mr Macron spoke hours after France disinvited the Priti Patel, The Home Secretary, from a meeting on Sunday in Calais between ministers from France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands as well as the European Commission.

“I’m stunned when things are not performed seriously, we don’t be in contact among leaders by way of tweets or revealed letters, we aren’t whistleblowers. Come on!,” he stated all through a joint conference with Italian High Minister Mario Draghi.

The French president mentioned that he did have a “critical” conversation with Mr Johnson two days ago. “From my section, I intend to continue doing what I do with all countries and all leaders. So, ministers will paintings critically to take on a serious query, with severe people.”

He delivered: “For this purpose, inside minister (Gérald) Darmanin will host Sunday a meeting with his Eu opposite numbers and the European Commission to work on this factor, and then we will see with the Brits how we can act effectively, in the event that they decide to be severe.”

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The anger followed a letter from the Prime Minister to Mr Macron last night calling for a ‘returns agreement’ which would see individuals who arrive on UK beaches illegally despatched back to France. He also offered joint patrols on French beaches as early as next week.

The letter used to be denounced as “each terrible in substance and totally inappropriate popular” by means of a government spokesman.

On Friday, Mr Darmanin announced he had written to Priti Patel to say that a meeting on Sunday will now proceed with out British involvement.

Mr Johnson’s letter was once, he stated, a “disappointment”.

He wrote: “Making it public made it even worse. I subsequently need to cancel our assembly in Calais on Sunday.”

Meanwhile, Paris has accused the uk of being -faced by means of blaming the european for its personal woes while drawing migrants who understand they face little risk of being despatched back to their countries of beginning.

“we’re uninterested with double communicate,” said Gabriel Attal, the federal government spokesman. “we are fed up with the way in which they’re externalising issues. You ponder whether Boris Johnson doesn’t be apologetic about leaving Europe as a result of on every occasion there’s an issue, he considers that Europe must take care of it. However that is not the way in which it really works.”

perhaps migrant routes

France, he insisted, was once in reality much better at expelling unlawful immigrants than its neighbour. 

“you recognize why you could have migrants who want to go to Britain? To Begin With as a result of you’ve gotten bosses in Britain who completely use the migrant in ultra-precarious jobs so clearly that lures the migrants,” he mentioned.

“and so they visit Britain as a result of Britain enforces its rules less than France, and sends (unlawful migrants) out of the rustic less than France.”

He brought that “7,800 other people had been saved from drowning since the start of the 12 months thanks to French efforts.”

“What we’d like is that the British send us officials to check the asylum claims that concern them on French soil.”

Appearing on Sky News, Grant Shapps, the Shipping Secretary, insisted action used to be required on French beaches however “we will be able to only do lots of this stuff operating with the French”.

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