Burleson community rallies together for 10-year-old girl’s birthday

BURLESON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — She may have a table full of cards and gifts, but 10-year-old Mia’s heart is full of gratitude.

“I just appreciate everybody for coming,” she said.

Her birthday didn’t start out the best. Her parents took her to On The Border in Burleson, but because of scheduling her friends couldn’t make it. That’s when her mom, Valeri Cisneros, knew she had to do something.

“It doesn’t take a lot to be kind,” Cisneros said. “I wanted my daughter to know that.”

So she posted on a Burleson Facebook group asking if any off-duty officers could come by to wish Mia a happy birthday. 

Then the comments and shares started flowing, and the people started showing up.

“Here comes a line through the door,” Cisneros recalled.

Complete strangers and police officers showed up, and firefighters even gave her and other kids a tour of their truck.

“All of those kids went out of their way and made special cards, and asked her questions, and sat down for a minute and had a piece of cake,” Cisneros said. “The parents were also teaching their kids a lesson.”

A lesson of kindness that resonated so much it even got the attention of country music star Neal McCoy—who gave Mia a birthday serenade.

“When you do your 11th make sure you invite me, maybe I can make it this time,” McCoy said in a video to Mia. 

Cisneros said it’s important for a little girl to feel special.

“The Burleson community really got together and I’m proud to say we’re from Burleson,” she said.

Source : https://www.cbsnews.com/dfw/news/burleson-community-rallies-together-10-year-old-girls-birthday/

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