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A BUNCH of dancers have claimed their careers were placed in danger by way of a leading choreographer who resigned following a transphobia row.

Rosie Kay claimed final week that she used to be forced to quit the Rosie Kay Dance Company, which she founded, as a result of her stance on gender identity.

The acclaimed choreographer mentioned she had been the subject of two investigations via trustees over the previous four months, following lawsuits about her perspectives by some of the dancers who attended an individual party at her home in August.

Earlier this week Kay – who doesn’t believe other people can amendment their biological intercourse – spoke overtly approximately her resolution to surrender, pronouncing she could “bear this humiliation any longer” and that she was once being vilified for her views on gender.

But in an open letter the dancers have now claimed that through going public, Kay has brought about “possible detriment to our careers”.

Kay ‘abused energy as our boss’ 

within the letter, they are saying they would like to “set the record directly and to ensure that any dancers beneath the supervision of Rosie Kay do not go through the same marginalisation that now we have suffered”.

The dancers at the back of the letter, proven to the BBC, say that they “appreciate Rosie’s right to carry the belief that biological intercourse is immutable”, however that “no-one, regardless of how massive their platform, has the proper to create a hostile work environment.”

They introduced: “She abused her power as our boss. Moreover, she is now the use of her power as someone that has a louder voice than we will desire for.”

The letter, signed by means of six individuals of the company, goes directly to state: “Rosie spoke about ‘the cake of rights’ and mentioned ladies have fought for their slice of rights and now males pretending to be ladies need a component to that slice. that is a deeply offensive analogy and because of the fact that two trans non-binary people had a seat on the desk, it felt very pointed.”

the crowd also alleged that Kay used to be competitive and had made the dancers uncomfortable by way of showing them her kid’s bed room right through a excursion of her Birmingham home.

Kay: ‘Women are shedding rights to men who determine as women’ 

Kay, who choreographed the movie Sunshine on Leith and the Commonwealth Video Games Handover Ceremony in 2018, says that what came about at the dinner party was a brilliant instance of women who stand up for women’s rights being deliberately smeared with accusations of transphobia.

She denies that she intentionally sought to indignant the 2 non-binary trans dancers present at the celebration – held throughout rehearsals for the corporate’s manufacturing of Romeo & Juliet – and rejects claims that she demanded they justify their exitence.

“I said, and it is proper to say, that ladies are dropping rights to males who identify as ladies. These include rights to unmarried intercourse areas. that is not an analogy, it is a statement of fact, and that i don’t apologise for it,” she instructed the BBC.

“This was a dinner in my own house, at which i was attacked by means of six folks. The hostility was directed at me, and has lasted for just about 4 months. I make no apology for status up by contrast remedy, the use of the ‘power’ that i have earned thru a 20 yr occupation.

“Different ladies who do not have this power, cannot rise up like i’ve done. that is no longer aimed at the dancers, however at the toxic nature of a culture so they can see ladies lose their livelihoods for believing that sex is actual.

“I’m nonetheless in surprise that hospitality may just finish with such an accusation.”

The Rosie Kay Dance Corporate has disputed her claims that she was ostracised and close out of her own corporate, with out a deal with her health.

It stated: “we’re stunned by way of this account and strongly face up to this interpretation of events.

“On The Other Hand, we can proceed to recognize the confidentiality of the investigation procedure and are therefore not able to comment further.”

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