Dog meat could become thing of the past as South Korea considers ban

Dog meat may finally disappear from eating place menus in South Korea after the federal government appointed a taskforce to appear at banning consuming the animals.

The move comes after Moon Jae-in, the president and a known animal-lover, urged that the time had come to prohibit the sale and intake of canine meat.

Eating canine has been part of Korean culture for hundreds of years, even though its popularity has plummeted in recent years. there were fewer than ONE HUNDRED dog meat restaurants in Seoul in 2019, and the ultimate top canine meat marketplace closed in advance this year. 

Lee Won Bok, head of the Korea Affiliation for Animal Coverage, mentioned: “South Korea is the only developed u . s . a . the place other people devour dogs, an act that may be undermining our global symbol.

“although the OKAY-pop band BTS and the (Korean drama) Squid Game are ranked No. 1 within the world, foreigners are nonetheless associating South Korea with dog meat and the Korean War.”

Members of Korean Dog Meat Association eat dog meat during a rally to support eating dog meat in front of the National Assembly in Seoul, South Korea, July 12, 2019 Participants of Korean Dog Meat Affiliation devour canine meat throughout a rally to toughen eating dog meat in front of the National Assembly in Seoul, South Korea, July 12, 2019 Credit: Ahn Younger-joon/AP

Dogs are fed on as meals in North Korea, China and Vietnam as well as in South Korea.
Younger people basically find dog meat a much less appetising dining possibility and, meanwhile, pets are growing in reputation.

A ballot carried out remaining 12 months by means of Humane Society International/Korea confirmed that EIGHTY FOUR percent of Koreans don’t or won’t consume canine and 60 percent pronouncing they make stronger a legal ban at the industry. 
however the plans will face opposition from older generations of Koreans who insist the beef is a traditional part of the nation’s delicacies that supposedly supplies stamina and increases male virility.

the federal government said that “public awareness of their fundamental rights and animal rights problems are tangled in a complicated manner” when it involves canine meat intake.

South Korean animal rights activists stage a rally opposing South Korea's culture of eating dog meat near the presidential Blue House in Seoul, South Korea, July 16, 2020. South Korea said Thursday, Nov. 25, 202 Animal rights activists degree a rally opposing South Korea’s culture of consuming dog meat near the presidential Blue House in Seoul on Nov. 25 Credit: AP

Kim boo-Kyum, the high minister, stated: “the talk over dog meat consumption isn’t new and has endured for over 30 years, for the reason that 1988 Seoul Olympics.” 

“With the sharp build up within the selection of families with pets and growing public hobby in animal rights and animal welfare, we are witnessing expanding calls against viewing meat intake as a part of our vintage meals tradition”,”Yonhap Information quoted Mr Kim as saying. 

The dog meat industry is also expected to resist any legal ban. Currently, dog meat is neither felony nor explicitly banned in South Korea.

Dogs are tied in sacks in a dog meat transport truck, before being rescued in Sukohario, Central Java, during a police interception in partnership with the Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition Canine are tied in sacks in a dog meat delivery truck, earlier than being rescued in Sukohario, Valuable Java, during a police interception in partnership with the Dog Meat Loose Indonesia coalition Credit: AP

Animal rights campaigners and puppy-owners, on the other hand, welcomed the inside track yesterday.

“As any person who has witnessed the cruelty first-hand, for me it’s the struggling of the canines that motivates me to succeed in a ban”, mentioned Nara Kim, who leads the business enterprise’s Finish Dog Meat campaign.  

“Those dogs are caged in awful conditions, with minimal food, with completely not anything to offer protection to them from the extraordinary chilly winters and overwhelmingly scorching summers”, she advised The Telegraph. “Regularly they’re caged in combination in a small space with many dogs, which is able to result in fighting and lead to accidents or dying.  

“The industry uses an electrocution software to slaughter dogs and frequently canine are still mindful after they electrocute them, that is an extremely merciless way of killing any animal”.

Ms Nara also said it’s “insulting and shameful” for the remaining of the sector to look eating canine as a Korean tradition, whilst in truth “it is an old-fashioned addiction principally for vintage males who like to believe it has health properties”.

The business is expected to battle back, with farmers, slaughterhouses and restaurants insisting that the general public should have the correct to make a choice what they want to eat and that eating dogs isn’t any different to consuming different farmed animals.

In a separate incident in Principal Java, Indonesia, this week (above), police worked with the Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition and Humane Society Global to rescue canine destined for the beef market.

The canine were discovered tied in sacks in a meat delivery truck. The Humane Society stated the busted dealer brutally kills masses of dogs per month. 

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