Florida family left reeling after dog stolen while on vacation in Los Angeles

A Florida family vacationing in Los Angeles fell victim to the recent trend plaguing Southland communities after their beloved pet was stolen almost two weeks ago. 


Sonora Breault

Sonora Breault’s vacation took a tragic turn on May 1, when she went to visit her friend’s house on 83rd Street and Figueroa Street in South Los Angeles, where her dog Oreo, an eight-month-old English Bulldog, just seemed to disappear. 

“I saw her take Oreo out with her but when she came back to the car I was like, ‘Where’s Oreo?’ and she was like, ‘Oh my god, where’s Oreo?'”

Neighbors in the nearby area explained that they had seen someone in a black, hooded sweatshirt “carrying him down the street.”

“I just want him back,” she said. “He’s very special to me. He’s my missing piece.”

She was gifted Oreo by her boyfriend, who died in a tragic car wreck months later.

“That’s why he’s my last little piece,” Breault said.

Her father made the trip from Florida to help his daughter search for the English Bulldog, who bears the unique distinction of double “cherry eye” or an inflamed third eyelid on both eyes. 

He also has “a white nose with pink on it, a lot of them have black noses,” Breault noted. 

She’s extremely worried, not just because it’s been nearly two weeks since he first went missing, but because of an extensive list of health issues. 

“His breathing, everything is very particular. He’s allergic to everything, so I don’t know what they’re feeding him,” she said.


Sonora Breault

A police report was filed, but authorities are at a loss with no surveillance footage in the area and no reports of Oreo turning up from animal control. 

Without anywhere else to turn, Breault isn’t sure if she should stay and keep searching or head back to Florida. 

“I feel horrible leaving, but I can’t stay here and get depressed and nobody’s helping me,” she continued. “I’m just hoping someone can come forward and do the right thing.”

She doesn’t plan to press charges, and she doesn’t care how it happens, she just wants her beloved Oreo back home.

Breault and her family are offering a cash reward to anyone who helps her get Oreo back, and she’s urging anyone with any information to contact her at (530) 340-3625.

Source : https://www.cbsnews.com/losangeles/news/florida-family-left-reeling-after-dog-stolen-while-on-vacation-in-los-angeles/

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