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The Duke of York is not expected to get dragged into Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial, excluding, perhaps, for the occasional passing reference.

Alternatively, his lawyers will likely be watching the case because it will get underway in New York on Monday very intently, aware that, either means, the result matters.

Maxwell is on the very center of the sexual abuse allegations made towards Prince Andrew, their fates closely intertwined.

If she is located guilty, whilst the costs don’t seem to be right away associated with his own felony case, the decision will cast an extended shadow over the civil declare, giving an simple spice up to his accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Equally, if Maxwell is acquitted, it is going to “vastly flip the tables,” one royal aide seen, serving to undermine Ms Giuffre’s testimony.

Assets have advised The Telegraph that if she walks loose, Maxwell is also ready to provide proof on behalf of the Duke, her loved one of more than 25 years.

Ms Giuffre, who claims she was compelled to have intercourse with Prince Andrew on three separate events, isn’t a few of the complainants who will take the stand in Big Apple in the coming weeks, but could be expecting to play a distinguished position in Maxwell’s 2d trial, on perjury fees.

Then Again, criminal professionals don’t believe the charges will see the light of day.

They relate to a now-settled defamation lawsuit brought by means of Ms Giuffre towards Maxwell in 2015.

Maxwell is accused of mendacity approximately her involvement in Epstein’s heinous acts all the way through 2016 depositions wherein she denied any wisdom of his sex trafficking empire.

In April, Alison Nathan, a US District Judge, dominated that the 2 perjury counts need to be attempted one at a time from the intercourse trafficking and abuse fees, and split the trial into .

A deal is likely 

Mark Stephens, of London legislation firm Howard Kennedy, said: “If Ghislaine is acquitted, the prosecution case will have been dismantled. There might be no appetite to pursue those fees, now not least as perjury is notoriously tricky to prosecute effectively.

“they might try and do some roughly deal in keeping with time served, in order that they aren’t erased from the report totally, as she will have been behind bars for 18 months through that point.”

If Maxwell is convicted of the abuse and trafficking fees, it is concept the perjury fees can be left to lie on record. she will already be facing the remaining of her existence in prison.

Stephens mentioned the prosecution knew they’d be prone at the perjury charges and had used them to try to instigate a plea deal, to boot as to pile drive on Maxwell to expose information when it comes to other buddies of Epstein.

Bradley Simon, a former federal prosecutor in Ny who now works as a defence attorney specialising in complicated civil litigation, agreed that the perjury trial won’t cross ahead.

“it might rely on what she’s convicted of and what the prospective prison sentence could be,” he mentioned. “They would possibly not continue with the perjury. Conserving judicial instruments is often a large consideration.”

For the Duke, who has time and again denied any wrongdoing, a call to not pursue a tribulation regarding Ms Giuffre could handiest be excellent news.

Epstein’s most top-profile sufferer

She is arguably Epstein’s so much high-profile victim, claiming that Maxwell recruited her to change into his “sex slave” when she was simply 16 sooner than allegedly emerging to the rank of “head whinge” amongst his many victims.

Attorneys, besides as sources close to the Duke, imagine her testimony used to be not integrated in the approaching trial as a result of her tale isn’t “bulletproof” and her more than a few inconsistencies may not withstand the rigorous scrutiny of the courtroom.

Mr Simon stated regardless, the Duke’s shut links with Maxwell supposed there might be no excellent result for him.

“It’s guilt by means of affiliation if she’s convicted on those charges, charges of the similar nature which can be raised within the Prince Andrew criticism,” he said. “it can’t lend a hand but be damaging.”

As Ms Giuffre’s lawyers have conceded themselves, their case ultimately comes all the way down to an issue of credibility.

The Duke’s establishing shot, fired within the type of a 36-web page prison memorandum accompanying a movement to disregard the case in advance this month, bolstered that point because it sought to portray her as a “cash-hungry sex kitten” who was once simply “after every other payday at his price”.

Ms Giuffre’s felony crew is anticipated to respond to the movement on Monday.

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