Fury as new Army regiment’s cap badge ‘identical’ to apartheid terror squad

The Army is facing a backlash amongst officers over a brand new cap badge “identical” to those worn via an apartheid terror squad.

A Couple Of officials aware of discussions in regards to the beret for the newly formed Ranger Regiment have raised critical issues that the badge may have been designed in accordance with the only worn by means of the Selous Scouts, the disbanded unique forces regiment from the Rhodesian Army.

The Previous unit fought black insurgent armies in the Sixties and Seventies as part of their quest to maintain white-minority rule over what is now Zimbabwe.

One defence source told The Telegraph: “An officer mentioned he had noticed an e-mail saying that it was in truth in response to the Selous Scouts. It’s virtually just like the Rhodesian Selous Scouts, that’s debatable due to their involvement with an apartheid regime. 

“There’s obvious differences however it’s f—— shut and obviously in response to it.”

The source delivered: “It sounds unhealthy to me. Having a cap badge in this day and age with any connection to a racist regime in any respect turns out outrageous.”

it’s understood that a lot of officers have raised concerns with the brand new badge’s “connection to the Selous Scouts”, however they suspect that the opportunity to prevent it from going into circulate can have handed because it will have already had the Queen’s approval.

The new badge on a Ranger Regiment beret the brand new badge on a Ranger Regiment beret Credit: Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) stated that the badge for the Ranger Regiment, which used to be based as part of the military’s Long Term Soldier idea, had taken its “notion and spirit” from the peregrine falcon.

The MoD brought that the bird used to be “the most geographically dispersed hen of prey globally, working in all environments together with deserts, mountains and towns, and notably dependable to its partner”.

Everybody serving within the Ranger Regiment will wear a metal badge, irrespective of rank.

it will be made in a gunmetal gray colour that has been selected for the Regimental beret and Stable Belt, taking inspiration from the peregrine falcon’s gray plumage.

The Selous Scouts’ metal badge was additionally designed on a fowl of prey, the osprey, which was once proven in an incoming strike pose with the banner underneath its claws.

Comparability with Selous Scouts ‘inaccurate’

The Ranger Regiment used to be born out of the military’s pledge to turn infantry infantrymen into elite combatants to take on “top-risk” missions in a foreign country.

it’ll be a part of a unique Operations Brigade with a view to paintings in beef up of Unique Forces in top-threat environments.

Over the following four years, a proportion of £A HUNDRED AND TWENTY million will probably be invested into the unit, with the intention to adopt roles historically performed through the Special Air Service and Unique Boat Service, such as coaching, advising, enabling and accompanying partner forces from international nations.

A Military spokesman mentioned: “The Ranger Regiment cap badge has been designed across the peregrine falcon. Any comparability or affiliation to the osprey depicted in the Selous Scouts’ cap badge is completely misguided.

“The Ranger Regiment could be very proud of its new cap-badge which takes suggestion and spirit from the peregrine falcon; rapid, agile and fiercely loyal to its partner, it operates around the international in all environments including deserts, mountains and cities.”

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