Gas stoves can be bad for you. Here are the best induction ranges and cooktops in 2023


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It’s a great time to upgrade from your old kitchen appliance to an eco-friendly kitchen appliance. Gas stoves may be worse for the climate than previously thought — so much so that Los Angeles is banning most gas appliances in new homes and businesses. California’s largest city joins more than 50 other metro areas and counties that have made similar moves to discourage or prohibit the use of gas ranges. (No timeline for the new rule has been announced.)

In a recent Bloomberg interview, Biden-appointed US Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. called the household appliance a “hidden hazard” because gas stoves have been linked to childhood asthma.

So why not trade in that old gas range (or outdated electric range) with a new induction range or cooktop? Here are some of the best induction ranges you can get in 2023, according to reviewers.

The top products in this article:

Samsung smart slide-in induction range, $2,599 (reduced from $4,178)

Samsung smart Instant Heat induction range, $1,574 (reduced from $1,699)

If the latest news on gas stoves isn’t enough motivation for you, buying a new induction range could land you a money-back rebate. That’s because the Inflation Reduction Act, recently signed into law by President Biden, includes rebates for induction ovens, electric cars and a number of other electric-powered products.

When will I get my Inflation Reduction Act rebate?

Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, you will be able to get a rebate on your induction range — but not today. The rebate program, while approved, is not yet in place. No firm timeline has been announced for when the rebates will be available.

These rebates could take a long time to appear. Need a new induction range right now? Not to worry: We found top-rated induction ranges and cooktops that fit a variety of budgets. Some are even on sale.

What is the difference between an induction range and an electric range?

Induction ranges and electric ranges are similar, but not the same. Electric cooktops heat the surface of your range, which then warms whatever you put on the stove. Induction cooktops are also electric, but they heat your cookware directly by creating an electro-magnetic current with your pots and pans.

Many induction and electric ranges cook food more evenly on low heat than gas ranges. These kitchen appliances tend to be easier to clean as well. We’ve found the top-rated induction ranges and cooktops in 2023. All of these ranges have at least a four-star-rating and include many positive customer reviews. 

The top-rated induction ranges and cooktops in 2023

Shop induction ranges and induction cooktops from top brands such as Samsung, LG, Cafe and more. Many of these induction ranges are on sale now. 

Samsung smart slide-in induction range



This Samsung induction range provides the visual appeal of gas cooking with the precision of induction cooking. This 4.6-star-rated smart range can be controlled via your smartphone or voice assistant. The appliance learns your cooking preferences and will recommend your most-used settings. 

No air fryer? No problem. The Samsung smart slide-in induction range also includes a no pre-heat air fry mode. 

Samsung smart slide-in induction range, $2,599 (regularly $4,178)

Samsung smart Instant Heat induction range



According to Samsung, this Instant Heat induction cooktop gets hotter faster than Samsung’s gas or electric cooktops. The appliance generates heat directly through your cookware for a quick, concentrated boost in temp. The appliance’s induction burners feature instant temperature control for more precise cooking. 

This 4.6-star-rated smart induction range can be controlled via smartphone or voice assistant. 

Samsung smart Instant Heat induction range, $1,574 (reduced from $1,699)

Cafe smart slide-in electric induction range


Cafe via Appliances Connection

This 4.6-star-rated induction range includes six sealed burners, a double oven and a whole lot of smart features including Wi-Fi connectivity and Chef Connect, which can synchronize your appliance clocks, surface lights and vents.

“This range has everything: Wi-Fi, precision cooking, two ovens and it can boil water in one minute,” wrote an Appliances Connection customer who purchased the induction range. “I have been nothing but impressed.”

Pre-order it now, and it will arrive in April.

Cafe smart slide-in electric induction range, $4,133

Frigidaire Gallery Series induction range


Frigidaire Store via Amazon

The brand claims that this 4.4-star-rated Frigidaire induction range can boil water 50% faster than a gas or electric cooktop. The kitchen appliance can self-clean with a fast steam-cleaning option. It features an air fryer function, a powerful convection fan and temperature precision technology for the most accurate baking and roasting. 

Frigidaire Gallery Series induction range, $1,699 (regularly $2,349)

LG smart Wi-Fi-enabled induction slide-in range



This 6.3-cubic-foot capacity LG smart induction range is outfitted with LEDs that display power levels next to each cooking element. Its induction elements heat super quickly and offer even cooking.

This 4.2-star-rated range offers convection baking. Its heating element is mounted on the rear wall, instead of the bottom, for more even heat.

The entire device can be controlled remotely using LG’s ThinQ App. 

“We love the range. It boils water much faster than gas and the top is so easy to keep clean,” wrote an LG customer who purchased the kitchen appliance.

LG smart Wi-Fi enabled induction slide-in range, $3,099

Shop top-rated electric ranges

We’ve found a selection of top-rated electric ranges you can buy online right now. Many of these electric ranges are on sale. 

LG smart Wi-Fi-enabled true convection InstaView electric range



Save big on this 6.3-cubic-foot LG electric range right now.

The smart LG home appliance is outfitted with five burners and includes an air-fryer function. The entire device can be controlled remotely using LG’s ThinQ App. Check the progress of your meal by knocking twice on the oven’s window to activate the interior light. 

“Loving this stove,” wrote an LG customer who purchased the home appliance. “The features are amazing. The convection oven and air-fryer options are the best. The burners heat up fast.”

LG smart Wi-Fi-enabled true convection InstaView electric range, $1,349

Samsung smart Bespoke slide-in electric range



Samsung’s Bespoke line lets you customize the appearance of your kitchen. Color coordinate your refrigerator with this electric range. Choose from the colors “navy steel” or “Tuscan steel.” 

The fingerprint-resistant appliance features Samsung’s fastest burner ever (3600 W). The five-burner cooktop includes dual- and triple-ring burners for cooking with different-sized pots and pans. 

This gas cooktop and electric oven duo is fully Wi-Fi-connected and voice-enabled. Use your phone to monitor your cooktop and set and adjust the cook time and temperature of your oven through Samsung’s SmartThings app.

Samsung smart Bespoke slide-in electric range, $1,599 (reduced from $2,300)

Samsung smart freestanding electric range with Flex Duo



Samsung’s Flex Duo lets you cook two dishes at different temperatures. The full oven can be split into two smaller units that can be heated independently. 

This freestanding electric ranges features an air-fry function. It comes with an air-fry tray as well as a removable nonstick griddle.

The fingerprint-resistant Samsung smart range is fully Wi-Fi connected and voice enabled.

Samsung smart freestanding electric range with Flex Duo, $1,394 (regularly $1,500)

Amana freestanding electric range


Best Buy

This Amana freestanding electric range features a ceramic cooktop surface, an extra-large viewing window and a storage drawer to hold cookie sheets, pots and pans. The appliance includes a Shabbat mode. 

“I love how it looks, how it bakes and how it cooks,” wrote a Best Buy customer who purchased the Amana. “Features are great. Blended beautifully in my kitchen and it matched my countertops. Price met our budget.”

Amana freestanding electric range, $500 (regularly $870)

GE freestanding electric convection range with self-steam cleaning


Best Buy

This freestanding GE electric range has a dual burner cooktop and an air-fry mode. It also features a fast preheat, a fifth element warming zone and a self-cleaning mode with steam clean. 

“Bought this range over a month ago and I love it!” wrote a Best Buy customer who purchased the GE appliance. “The convection bake cooks nice and even, no burnt spots. The power boil is fast and great if you’re short on time. It definitely heats up my food [more quickly] and more evenly than my old unit. Looks beautiful in my kitchen.”

GE freestanding electric convection range with self-steam cleaning, $950 (reduced from $990)

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