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The Royal Navy has made a “risky” travel to “one in all essentially the most foreign places on this planet” to help scientists observe shrinking penguin populations.

Analysis ship HMS Protector is learning colonies of the birds in the South Sandwich Islands – so off the overwhelmed monitor even the Royal Army most effective calls in once a decade.

Defined through the Royal Navy as “one of probably the most foreign places on this planet,” the chain of islands lie more than 1,THREE HUNDRED miles east of the Falklands and are home to round three million of the flightless birds.

Through landing on the uninhabited islands, recording the penguins and the usage of drones, scientists desire for a better working out of the have an effect on of climate modification and different environmental components on the colonies.

Captain Michael Wood, HMS Protector’s Commanding Officer, mentioned: “Visits by way of ships to these territories are specifically rare and hazardous”.

A five-year project to survey the polar oceans

Normally based totally in Plymouth, HMS Protector and her 70-sturdy team of sailors and Royal Marines are on a 5-yr venture to survey the polar oceans and positioned a prevent to unlawful fishing in some of probably the most necessary waters at the planet.

Captain Mike Wood and some of HMS Protector's ships' company Captain Mike Wooden and some of HMS Protector’s ships’ company Credit Score: Royal Military In mid December 2021 HMS Protector carried out multibeam surveys between Signey and Coronation Islands Credit: LPhot Belinda Alker/Royal Military

The islands, which are sovereign UK In A Foreign Country Territories, are idea to be home to 1.3 million breeding pairs of chinstrap penguins, nearly part the world’s population.  

They live alongside around NINETY FIVE,000 breeding pairs of macaroni penguins and a number of other thousand pairs of gentoo penguins.

Despite being at the northern edge of their breeding range, an abruptly huge population of Adélie penguins (approximately ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE,000 pairs) also reside there.

The populations have fluctuated in recent many years.

Resurgent whale and fur seal numbers consuming the krill in the ocean upon which many penguins rely have been to begin with idea to be the lead to, following bans on whaling and overfishing.

Alternatively, newer medical considering puts the shrinking numbers right down to climate change, melting sea ice and emerging temperatures.

The British govt targets to offer protection to and manage greater than FOUR million square kilometres of ocean around the UNITED KINGDOM In Another Country Territories during the Blue Belt Programme.

A team lands on Saunders Island, South Sandwich Islands to collect drone imagery Saunders Island, South Sandwich Islands Credit: LPhot Belinda Alker/Royal Army A team lands on Saunders Island, South Sandwich Islands to collect drone imagery A workforce lands on Saunders Island, South Sandwich Islands to gather drone imagery Credit Score: LPhot Belinda Alker/Royal Army

The scheme – the largest marine conservation programme of its sort within the international – supports the security of environments around the UK Out Of The Country Territories of Ascension Island, St Helena and Tristan da Cunha, British Antarctic Territory, British Indian Ocean Territory, Pitcairn Islands and South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands.

These territories are house to some of essentially the most biologically valuable and distinctive life on the earth, from the butterfly fish of St Helena to the huge penguin colonies of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands.

Dr Tom Hart, of The Dept of Zoology at Oxford School, mentioned: “The more data we get on those islands, the extra we are able to disentangle the effects of climate amendment versus eruptions.

“the whole of the archipelago is a Marine Safe House, so that they are an important contrast to working out the threats to wildlife in other places within the Southern Ocean.”

Earlier this month HMS Protector changed into the primary Royal Army send to visit both the Arctic and the Antarctic inside six months, a few EIGHT,500 miles apart.

With few satellites overhead, the send’s group could have very restricted opportunities to talk to their families over the festive period.  

they will spend Christmas visiting the British Antarctic Survey Station at Rothera (67°S) however will stay Covid far-off from the crew already there.

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