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The Duke of York wants to query his accuser’s husband and psychologist as witnesses in his sexual abuse case, as he suggests she is suffering from “fake memories,” court files have found out.

The Duke’s attorneys have requested to interview Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s husband, Robert Giuffre, beneath oath about her “alleged youth trauma and abuse,” her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, household price range and any communique she has had with him approximately Prince Andrew and the civil case.

they want to question Dr Judith Lightfoot about Ms Giuffre’s claim to had been beneath threat of loss of life or bodily harm from Epstein and Maxwell, her “alleged severe emotional distress and mental harm”, and hyperlinks between such harm and the alleged habits of Prince Andrew.

The Duke’s legal professional’s have additionally requested to see all of Dr Lightfoot’s scientific notes on Ms Giuffre, her prescriptions and invoices. 

Both Mr Giuffre and Dr Lightfoot live in Australia.

The court documents also screen that the Duke will argue that Ms Giuffre, who claims she was compelled to have sex with him on there separate occasions in 2001 whilst she was once 17, “might be afflicted by fake memories”.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre (left of centre) Virginia Roberts Giuffre (left of centre) Credit Score: Bloomberg

They allege that her resolution to waive her proper to anonymity and provides multiple media interviews approximately her stories with Epstein have “contributed to any purported emotional misery and invasion of privacy she claims to have suffered.”

they’re going to use proof given in Maxwell’s contemporary intercourse trafficking trial about Ms Giuffre’s alleged felony habits. It was claimed on the trial that she helped recruit women for Epstein.

The Duke vehemently denies the claims.

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