Texas synagogue terrorist was able to enter US from Britain despite ‘series of red flags’

US government were going through difficult questions about Monday after it emerged that the British jihadist who performed an apprehension assault on the weekend were granted access to the country in spite of having a string of criminal convictions.

Blackburn-born Malik Faisal Akram, who was banned from his local magistrates’ court docket for ranting about the NINE/11 attacks, flew to New York on the finish of December.

Intelligence assets refused to make sure a document on Monday evening that he have been on an apprehension watchlist.

Despite a chain of “purple flag warnings” about his behaviour, Akram was once granted a tourist visa and was once able to go back and forth from New York to Texas, where he bought a firearm and took three men hostage at an area synagogue.

Following a annoying standoff at the weekend, his prisoners controlled to flee when the rabbi, Charlie Cytron-Walker, threw a chair at Akram and sprinted to protection, permitting the FBI to typhoon the construction and shoot the terrorist useless.

On Monday night, Mr Cytron-Walker described how Akram had turn out to be an increasing number of agitated as his calls for to release a female al-Qaeda terrorist from a Texan jail were not met.

He said: “The closing hour or so of the standoff, he wasn’t getting what he wanted. We have been very … we were terrified. The exit wasn’t too distant. I instructed them to go, I threw a chair at the gunman and i headed for the door. And all three folks had been in a position to get out without even a shot being fired.”

A hostage is escorted by the SWAT team after their escape A hostage is escorted via the SWAT group after their break out Credit: Elias Valverde/AP

Whilst the Rabbi and the other hostages had been praised for their bravery, US officers had been accused of “dropping the ball” after missing a sequence of warning signs about the FORTY FOUR-yr-antique Islamist.

Convicted criminals are usually denied entry to the America, however Akram – who has served 3 jail sentences – used to be granted a vacationer visa after simply lying on his software.

The Telegraph can reveal that his lengthy felony historical past dates back to 1996, when he used to be jailed for violent dysfunction following a baseball assault on a member of his clan.

He was given a six-month custodial sentence but used to be jailed again the following yr, after being discovered responsible of destroying property.

In 1999, he was once again at the back of bars following a conviction for harassment and, after being set free on licence, he breached the phrases of his release and used to be again to prison.

His most up-to-date spell in jail got here in 2012, whilst he was remanded in custody after being accused of stealing a telephone and almost £FIVE,000 from a man in Chorley.

Malik Faisal Akram has a long criminal history dating back more than 20 years Malik Faisal Akram has a long felony history courting again greater than two decades

Then Again, he was therefore launched on bail and the case against him did not proceed.

However while being held at HMP Liverpool, he used to be said by way of the jail Imam for “regarding and disruptive behaviour” at Friday prayers.

to boot as having a long legal document, Akram was a regular visitor to Pakistan and was once understood to be a member of Tablighi Jamaat, an Islamic organization banned through Saudi Arabia.

It’s believed he was radicalised in Blackburn in the last five years and according to locals would continually participate in anti-Israel demonstrations and marches for the discharge of Muslim prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Akram’s brother, Gulbar, said he had suffered from mental health problems and wondered how he had been allowed into the America.

He stated: “He’s identified to police. Were Given a legal report. How used to be he allowed to get a visa and procure a gun?”

One US senator who has been briefed on the case via the dep. for Hometown Security and a former Pentagon professional, instructed The Telegraph: “Definitely somebody permit the ball drop.”

Texas synagogue rabbi returns to congregation

A US professional advised The Telegraph there has been no knowledge on America’s intelligence databases to suggest Akram will have to have been denied access into the country.

The authentic said that after Akram arrived in the US there has been no “derogatory data” on the 44-yr-old, which he introduced was once a US intelligence term referring to “any purple flags”.

A former neighbour of Akram stated his behaviour had grow to be an increasing number of odd.

He mentioned: “What shocked me used to be now not so much what he did, but how The Usa allow him in. the guy has got an enormous legal file.

“Something changed in his behaviour not too long ago though and he began dressed in extra non secular clothing. It used to be rather a surprising change.

“He had a serious car accident in 2017/18 and he broke his again. I don’t know if that affected his head or what but he used to be no longer proper.

“He used to go operating at 2am within the morning, rain or shine he used to move working to Preston.”

Texas Synagogue hostage locator map (The Congregation Beth Israel synagogue)

After arriving at JFK Airport among Christmas and New Yr, Akram informed US immigration that he can be staying at a lodge in Queen’s Boulevard.

No record of him checking in to a resort within the space has been discovered and it’s thought the address could have even been a reference to 1988 comedy film, Coming To The Us, that’s set in Queen’s Side Road.

Akram then travelled from New York to Texas by means of show, checking in to a homeless refuge in Dallas on arrival.

He spent around two weeks on the centre, wherein time it is understood he illegally bought a firearm from any individual off the street.

Aafia Siddiqui shortly after her graduation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1995 Aafia Siddiqui shortly after her graduation from Massachusetts Institute of Era in 1995 Credit Score: AP Picture

Akram approached the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville and knocked at the door, pretending he was looking for safe haven.

The synagogue is the nearest to where Aafia Siddiqui, the Pakistani neuroscientist nicknamed Woman al-Qaeda, is being held.

After threatening to shoot his hostages and blow himself up, Akram demanded the release of Siddiqui.

His family in Blackburn had been introduced in to check out to negotiate with him via telephone but mentioned there has been not anything they could do to influence him to finish the standoff peacefully.

We purchased the FBI time, says hostage

On Monday evening Congregation Beth Israel mentioned it could dangle a distinct provider to “positioned this terrible experience at the back of us”. 

“We’re strong. We Are resilient. The time to heal our community has started”, the synagogue said. Rabbi Cytron-Walker was once because of lead the service.

It came as a 2nd man held hostage, Jeffrey Cohen, broke his silence on the ordeal.

“First of all,we escaped. We were not launched or freed,” mentioned Mr Cohen, who works for Nasa’s Johnson House Heart, in line with his social media.

White’s Chapel United Methodist Church is lit up as citizens of Colleyville & beyond come in combination for a therapeutic carrier led through Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, just 2 days after his last resulted in terror pic.twitter.com/Ki3l4caLWc

— Rozina Sabur (@RozinaSabur) January 18, 2022

Mr Cohen said the hostages attempted “to maintain the gunman engaged”.

“We talked with him. He lectured us. I requested him questions that can were useful to the FBI. However as long as he was talking and slightly calm, we purchased the FBI time to put,” he stated.

Faisal Akram: The juvenile delinquent who underwent a ‘stunning’ transformation

Through Robert Mendick, Will Bolton, Bill Gardner and Ben Farmer in Islamabad

The day after the 9/11 terror attacks, Malik Faisal Akram walked into Blackburn Magistrates’ Courtroom and introduced a tirade of abuse in opposition to one among the ushers.

Akram, all too acquainted to the court group of workers, was once agitated, if not slightly unhinged. “you must have been on the ——- aircraft,” Akram screamed at the usher, in reference to the passenger jets that the day before had crashed into the twin Towers in Big Apple.

The outburst triggered the courtroom to issue Akram with an exclusion order that prevented him from going any place close to the court premises. 4 months in advance, he had gained a warning letter for an additional incident within the courtroom. Akram used to be an ordinary troublemaker “even when he isn’t due earlier than the bench”, the local newspaper cited wryly. 

The deputy justice clerk defined him as a “risk” and in a letter, copied to Akram’s lawyers and police, stated, in outlining the ban, that “again you had been threatening and abusive in opposition to court docket body of workers”.

In his native land of Blackburn – Akram used to be born in June 1977 – he was referred to as a petty criminal, a “fallacious ‘un”, prone to occasional violence. FBI on the opposite facet of the Atlantic, operating with MI5 and counter-terrorism police, will now try to piece in combination how a 44-year-vintage father went from being a neighborhood nuisance and low thug to jihadi terrorist who had flown to the united states, walked into a synagogue in Texas and held hostage 4 participants of the congregation, together with the rabbi, sooner than loss of life in a hail of bullets.

‘He had critical problems’

His journey to terrorism from petty illegal activity isn’t an unusual one. One former neighbour who have been at school with Akram recalled him being expelled, describing him as a “bit of a troublemaker”. Some Other said: “He was a very violent guy. when you first see him you don’t assume that, but he was. He had critical issues. He wasn’t afraid of anybody. in class other folks three times his size he would fight with and get battered and bruised, however he would not care.”

Akram had first come to the notice of police in his teens while he used to be rumoured to be an area drug broker and also occupied with counterfeit forex. “Faisal would constantly get curious about scraps within the side road,” stated the neighbour.

His criminal file, pieced in combination by way of The Telegraph, displays a stint in a tender offenders’ institution while a juvenile after which a conviction at the age of 19 for violent disorder in 1996, leading to him being sent to Lancaster Farms Jail. Akram had, in keeping with experiences, wielded a baseball bat in a family feud with cousins. A year later Akram used to be again throughout the similar jail for the destruction of assets and then, in 1999, again in prison again – this time HMP Preston – on a harassment conviction. Akram’s last known stretch in prison used to be in 2012, remanded in custody in Liverpool for stealing money and telephones.

Through then, Akram used to be concept to have married and had no less than children. It Is unclear how he changed into radicalised but there have been trips to and from Pakistan, from the place his oldsters orginated, and so that it will unavoidably shape a part of the research into his path to terror.

At a few element he had been a follower of Tablighi Jamaat, a Muslim grassroots missionary motion that may be non-violent.

‘Obsessive, absolutely obsessive’

By Means Of 2017, Akram had turn out to be religious. A former loved one and neighbour remembers seeing him within the street at approximately that time. He had been in a automotive twist of fate and had suffered a major again harm. the former family member questioned if it had “affected his head”.

He stated: “I didn’t see him again till 2017 and unexpectedly he used to be dressed like an entire-on non secular pupil. He used to it appears promote medicine however there were rumours that he had stopped and one thing had changed.

“that fluctuate to wearing religious clothing was once shocking. None of my other friends from faculty have modified like that and suddenly he looks like he is extremely spiritual. i assumed ‘what has happened to you’?”

Akram, said the neighbour, had develop into, at some element, “radicalised and became obsessive, completely obsessive”.

Akram was once one among six siblings. One brother, Gulzameer Akram, a forger jailed for 3 years in 2008 for running a counterfeit money operation using a printing press in his front room, had died final yr from Covid-19.

Akram’s father has now lost a second son in a short house of time. On Monday, Mohammed Malik Akram, the terrorist’s father and a former president of an area mosque, used to be distraught. “i’m very sad,” he said.

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