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Two people were injured after two massive pigs charged on to a golfing course in West Yorkshire.

The hogs caused chaos at the Lightcliffe Golfing Club, Calderdale, by storming the green and knocking over baggage.

Two black pigs caused chaos at the Lightcliffe Golf Club Two black pigs caused chaos at the Lightcliffe Golf Membership Credit Score: David Mckidd/PA

David Mckidd, FORTY, a membership professional, said the 2 black pigs had been first spotted on the path on Sunday, injuring a golfer via causing cuts to his leg.

They later lower back on Tuesday and injured a employee at the club, who had attempted to usher them off the route.

Both other folks suffered minor accidents on their legs and had been handled in health center for defense in opposition to tetanus, Mr Mckidd mentioned.

The two pigs were first spotted on the course on Sunday, when they injured a golfer The Two pigs have been first spotted at the course on Sunday, after they injured a golfer Credit Score: David Mckidd/PA

The pigs damaged one among the vegetables via digging small holes, prior to being stuck by way of police in Knowle Top Road on Wednesday.

The club was forced to near on Wednesday for safety measures however has due to the fact that reopened.

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