The lockdown establishment will never accept that its disastrous policy failed

Planet Customary Podcast episode 86 with Dr Steve James

A promise to stage up the uk was once a key a part of the Tories’ election success. At a time whilst the birthday party needs any other political win, has the government’s long-awaited white paper on the matter delivered? Telegraph columnist and co-host of our Planet Normal podcast Liam Halligan is disappointed.

He tells this week’s episode, which you can hearken to the use of the audio participant above, that the Conservatives’ announcement of twelve principle targets to take on the country’s huge regional wealth imbalances doesn’t go a ways sufficient.

For Halligan, it’s evidence that levelling up is, “a concept that hasn’t in point of fact developed from being what used to be a canny slogan.” 

He tells podcast co-host Allison Pearson, “There’s Not truly a idea thru raft of coverage proposals with funding that i believe can be added ahead of the following election.” take heed to the podcast to find out why.

Also on the display: Allison Pearson tells listeners why she is going to not defend her former colleague Boris Johnson and why this week’s events within the House of Commons left her “sickened”.

And Dr Steve James, the NHS doctor who went viral whilst he confronted Sajid Javid over necessary vaccines for medical experts, joins the podcast to celebrate the federal government’s U-turn on ‘jabs for jobs.’

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