Vote of no confidence: What it means and what happens if Boris Johnson is ousted as Prime Minister

With dozens of younger Tory MPs now threatening to sink Boris Johnson’s premiership, there may be just one query being requested in Westminster this morning: will they reach 54? 

It’s the so-called “magic number” of letters that need to be submitted by upset MPs to cause a  no trust vote and determine whether or not the Prime Minister continues to be in office.

Will Have To the threshold be reached, up to date historical past indicates Mr Johnson’s fate might be made up our minds inside of hours in place of days. 

Alternatively, even though the Top Minister had been to survive a challenge, it is by no-approach positive that he may proceed to cling onto power having lost the beef up of so many of his backbenchers. 

How can Tory MPs drive a management problem?

so as to trigger a confidence vote, 15 in keeping with cent of Conservative MPs want to write to Sir Graham Brady (pictured under), the chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee. 

Brady Credit Score: Victoria Jones/PA

Then Again, Sir Graham is famed throughout Westminster for refusing to discuss the number of letters sitting in his office, so much of the protection on this topic is basically down to knowledgeable hypothesis and rancid the document briefings from MPs who claim to have submitted their very own. 

Regardless Of this level of secrecy, there may be now a growing trust that Sir Graham is with reference to receiving the FIFTY FOUR letters required. 

That experience of inevitability has best intensified since it emerged on Tuesday that 20 Tory MPs elected in 2019 met the day before today to discuss Mr Johnson’s long run. 

While a few imagine the figure may well be hit as quickly as lately, others believe it is much more likely that the general letters will cross in after the party-gate file is published by Sue Grey. 

If that threshold is reached, Sir Graham will then meet Mr Johnson to tell him and to speak about the timing of a vote. As Soon As the pair have finalised the main points, a press release shall be made publicly. 

At this element occasions could transfer swiftly. This has been the case in the previous, with Theresa Might going through a confidence vote on 12 December 2019 – the similar day that the threshold of 48 MPs was reached. 

What occurs while a no confidence vote happens? 

the competition is an effortless up-down vote on whether Mr Johnson must keep in publish. 

This time round a directly majority of 1 is required to power the Top Minister from place of business. 

However, the risk for Mr Johnson is that the vote is a blind ballot , meaning ministers and others at the Executive payroll who have before bit on their tongue would possibly finally move against him. 

Will Have To the rebels fail to muster this quantity, Mr Johnson will stay in put up and no new vote may also be precipitated for 12 months. 

If the PM wins is he certainly safe? 

Once More, the ousting of previous Conservative leaders shows Mr Johnson will still be extremely vulnerable despite the fact that he clings on. 

This used to be real of Margaret Thatcher, who resigned a couple of days after surviving the first spherical of the leadership challenge hung on 20 November 1990. 

Although she secured 204 votes to Michael Heseltine’s 152, her failure to protected a 15 per cent winning margin intended she would have confronted a 2nd ballot had she chosen to fight on.

Even As the foundations have when you consider that changed, Mrs May Also quit a couple of months after surviving a no confidence vote, in spite of the fact that MPs couldn’t cause a contest for three hundred and sixty five days. 

Her departure stemmed essentially from the fact that in the absence of a formal contest, her opponents in the celebration had found other routes to precise an absence of trust in her. 

In Mrs Would Possibly’s case, this got here within the form of a looming no-confidence vote by means of the National Conservative Convention, a frame representing the voluntary Tory affiliation chairs, local officers and different branches.

In April 2019, greater than SIXTY FIVE Conservative Association Chairmen signed a petition calling for a unprecedented basic assembly of the NCC. Mrs Would Possibly resigned the following month (beneath), sooner than a vote could be held.

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With a up to date ballot suggesting FORTY ONE in line with cent of 2019 Tory citizens need Mr Johnson gone, it’s not inconceivable that he may also fall foul to the same techniques. 

Regulations are there to be damaged

the other transparent threat to Mr Johnson is that, although he wins a confidence vote, some other may well be held before his one year are up.

Must Ms Grey’s file supply sufficient evidence to suggest Mr Johnson has lied in regards to the Downing Street events, it is most likely that the choice of MPs calling again for his head will handiest multiply. 

Had Been that to occur, there may be not anything to forestall the 1922 Committee from changing its personal laws, that are not in the public area. 

The Committee’s executive officials are at liberty to amend the foundations at any time, offering they seek the advice of the Conservative Celebration Board. 

What occurs if Boris Johnson is going? 

A -level election will take place. the primary section will be made up our minds at the back of closed doors in Parliament, with Conservative MPs asserting their names. 

Their colleagues will then dangle a series of inside ballots, with people who fail to safe a undeniable number of votes eliminated after in every of the primary two rounds. 

After that, the candidate who comes remaining is eradicated until there are just two applicants final.

Once the general two are made up our minds the competition will then be thrown up to the Conservative Birthday Party club.

Even As the length of the competition will probably be decided through the 1922 Committee, a duration of a number of weeks is expected to be allotted to allow the two candidates to carry hustings across the country. 

The pair will then accumulate at a final count, where the bulk winner might be declared the new Tory chief – and by means of extension the Prime Minister.

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